In DPOEXPERT we have subscribed collaboration agreements with multiple professional entities, with the final purpose to facilitate our clients the best and more adequate training programs for every need. Example of the above are the agreements with AJSE, recognised entity as a training center by ANF-AC, where the courses for preparation of the official Data Protection Officer exam are given by ANF-AC, certification authority accredited by ENAC, within the scheme of Certification which the AEPD owns.

We have means of production of our own, with multimedia room, as well as a powerful, last generation virtual campus, ATCampus, in which we offer numerous courses related with personal data protection and other related subjects, courses that in any case have an eminently practical vision, and that aims that the student adquires the necessary proficiencies to do their functions.

The three courses we have are the following:

Basic personal data protection course

It consists of 5 course subjects in which it is offered a first aproximation in personal data protection, it does not require previous special knowledge.

Medium personal data protection course

Formed by 6 course subjects in which it is offered a study in peronal data protection, even though it does not require previous special knowledge.

Advanced data protection course

It is formed by 15 course subjects, in this case, a complex study in personal data protection is done, starting with introductory and conceptual subjects until deeper subjects are reached.

If you are interested in doing one of the training courses in the personal data protection subject, do not hesitate in contacting us to obtain more information.